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Trip of a lifetime for our in-house game-show addict

Our game-show loving resident Christopher mingled with famous faces recently when he took a special trip down to London to sit in the audience during the recording of Tipping Point Celebrity Special.

A fantastic Leeds based company named ERS Medical kindly offered to transport Chris in his wheelchair down to the studios free of charge in a manned ambulance, where he and a few members of staff enjoyed front row seats during the show.

Chris never misses an episode of his favourite TV programmes, which includes Tipping Point and The Chase and he elated to be given the opportunity of a lifetime when he was invited along to the studio for the day.

Following the show, Chris managed to bag a signed autograph and picture with host and Good Morning Britain presenter Ben Sheppard, before setting off on the long journey home to Ramsbottom.

Chris had a fantastic day at the studio and his photographs are already making the rounds of Lavender Hills where residents are asking him all about his celebrity contacts.