pizza making 1

Taste of Italy at Lavender Hills

The gastronomic delights of Italy came to Lavender Hills recently when residents whipped up homemade pizzas for an afternoon snack.

A colourful assortment of fresh ingredients were brought to the table, including peppers, spinach, ham, tomatoes and lashings of cheese – a firm favourite for our residents.

As big advocates of traditional British culinary delights, many of our residents had never tasted pizza before and enjoyed tucking into them for the first time.

A lucky few spoke of their experiences of travelling to Italy and sampling the popular dish for themselves under a sunnier climate. We all reminisced about holidays and our favourite food from across the world.

Residents have also had a lot of opportunities recently to dig out their photo albums and learn all about each other’s past adventures. Old holiday snaps have been on display and tales of trips to all four corners of the globe have been shared.