painting love hearts

Residents relax during a day of pampering

Residents enjoyed a day of pampering recently after we turned our hair salon into a make shift spa, complete with sensory lighting, candle light, calming music and arm massages.

One of our residents, June, has had a number of strokes and has lacked all movement down the left side of her body for a long time. During a massage from our Activities Coordinator Charlotte, she began to get some sensations in her arm and could feel her touch. After some more gentle massaging, June was able to move her left arm up and down, much to the delight of all our staff.

In other activity sessions, our ladies and gentlemen were treated to a Sensory Day where they created magic bottles for relaxation. They have also been getting crafty by recycling old CDs and transforming them into reflecting mobiles that can be hung on windows or outdoors to catch the sunlight.

Residents also enjoyed the company of two little volunteers when they visited the home with their mum. The children sat with June and Margaret during an art session, helping to paint platis love hearts that will be used in our memorial garden.