A Unique History

Lavender Hills boasts a rich history thanks to the influential Porritt family, who built the home over 160 years ago.

Many of the family were well known as prominent industrialists and they had the iconic private residence (originally named The Cliffe) built from millstone grit quarried on their estate.

The most recognised name in the family is Richard Porritt, who was elected as the MP for Haywood and Radcliffe aged just 24, before sadly being the first British MP to be killed in World War Two, aged 29. His grieving mother passed away in 1943 and his father, Colonel Porritt, subsequently moved away from the area for health reasons, never returning and leaving the estate to become the Director’s residence.

As keen philanthropists, the family took their responsibility towards the local community and to those who worked in their mills very seriously. As such, the Porritt’s are still spoken of affectionately in the local community and the property was thankfully preserved and restored, firstly as a country house hotel, then later as a care home.

Colonel Porritt

Colonel Porritt

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